Chứng chỉ GUT carpet tiles


Aim of GUT is to continuously improve the environmental and customer friendliness of textile floor coverings – namely in terms of the whole life cycle: beginning at environmentally friendly production to safe installation and health wise uncritical usability to environmentsparing disposal and recycling. Since the start in 1990 the requirements have become stricter to meet with the ever increasing isights on what is best for people and our planet. This initiative of the European carpet manufacturers has sustainably changed the environment standards of the floor covering industry.

Testing procedure

The test for being awarded GUT signet is divided in three segments:

• extensive pollutant test ( heavy metals, plasticisers, biocides, pesticides, POPS )

• stringent emission test according to ISO 16000, incl formaldehdyes, aldehydes, ketones and carcinogins

• sensory odour test The intensive product testing on chemicals and emissions is the basis to ensure consumer safety. Meeting the testing criteria means that a product meets and exceeds the latest in legislative requirements and official listings for environmentally and health related components. Detailed information about the product-testing methods, the test criteria and the yearly controls can be found here